Test Now!

Carrier or not?  With absolutely no visible symptoms in your adult dog, the recessive gene responsible for BNAt could be passed from your dog to the next generation and beyond.  If both sire and dam have tested clear, there is no chance of the mutation being carried to their offspring.  But it is imperative that at least one of your dogs has tested clear before a mating, and any puppies sold as potential breeding dogs must then be tested to know if that puppy is a carrier.  NEVER BREED A CARRIER TO A CARRIER!

University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine.
Start here for an excellent reference to the disease along with detailed instructions and forms for testing your Coton in the United States.

Antagene. European & US breeders have access to a cheek swab test for BNAt. Go here for information and forms to download.

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  The OFA database is public domain.  Test results will not automatically be posted here.  Your forthrightness in choosing to post results, whether carrier or clear, will encourage other breeders to test their dogs and  will help other Coton breeders to make informed decisions on future matings.